2014 NOV Bowen Super II Fishing Jar

2014 NOV Bowen Super II Fishing Jar

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NOV Bowen Super II Fishing Jar + Bowen Intensifier Tool + Lubricating Bumper Sub

NEW / Never Used!

This full package is in great condition.

This package was purchased new and never used.

  • The Bowen Fishing jar has an O.D. of 6.25
  • The Bowen Intensifier has an O.D. of 6.25
  • The Bumper Sub has an O.D. of 4.75

Bowen Summary ™ Super II Fishing Jar with JarMax Technology

The Bowen Super II fishing jar is a versatile straight-pull operated jar that allows you to control the intensity of the jarring blow by varying the applied pull load. Simple to assemble, it allows easy operation with no adjusting required before you go into the hole or after you have retrieved the fish. A restricted passage slows down the fluid flow, delaying the stroke until you have ample time to take the necessary stretch in the running string.

Super II Jar Benefits:

  • Performs reliably in rugged conditions
  • Withstands high torque and bending
  • Provides high impact loads to fish
  • Closes and resets easily 

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(fishing tool, fishing jar, wenzel, downhole tool, drillstring, hypulse, accelerator)


ModelBowen Super II Fishing Jar
O.D.6.25 inches
I.D.2.25 inches
Connection4.25 inches IF
Field Load200,000 lbs
Lift Load900,000 lbs
Torque at Yield36,300 ft-lbs