2008 IDM Equipment IDM-1500 Drilling Rig

2008 IDM Equipment IDM-1500 Drilling Rig

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RIG 7 ALTAIR , 1500 HP With Walking System

-Last drilled in 2019 (Only stacked due to corona virus pandemic)

-Rig has pressurized drill cabin and is joystick operated.

-10 Year 4G Inspection required.

-This rig was built to API Specs.

-Refurbishment / Upgrades / Sandblast / Paint / certifications and Logistics is also available upon request and at an additional cost from our Oklahoma Facility.

1. Drawworks 

• Manufacturer: IDM Equipment 

• Model: IDM DC-1500 

• Power: 1500-HP (Powered by (2) GE/GM 800-HP DC Traction Motors) 

• Serial Number: N/A (Asset DW012) 

• Hours/Rebuild: 5629 

2. Engines 

• Manufacturer: Cummins 

• Model: KTA50 Diesel Engines (x3) 

• Power: 1470-HP each (With Air Start) 

• Configuration: Skid Mount Enclosures with Generators 

Engine Serial Numbers and Hours: 

o Engine 1: S/N 3316778, Hours 50010 

o Engine 2: S/N 33167782, Hours 49456 

o Engine 3: S/N 33167860, Hours 49144 

3. Generator Sets 

• Manufacturer: AVK, WEG 

• Capacity: 1050-KW (x3) 

• Configuration: Unitized with Engines, includes SCR Skid 

4. Mast 

• Manufacturer: IDM 

• Type: 136’ Telescoping Mast 

• Serial Number: M-5699 

• Capacity: 750,000-LB Hookload 

• Features: Can Accommodate 350-Ton Drive, Geronimo Line, Hydraulic Lift Cylinders, Mast Dolly 

5. Substructure 

• Manufacturer: IDM 

• Type: 22’ Hydraulically Telescoping Substructure 

• Capacity: 750,000-LB Rotary Load, 450,000-LB Simultaneous Setback 

• Features: Integrated Drainage System, (2) Braden Floor Winches 

6. Rotary 

• Type: EMSCO Type 37½ Rotary 

• Drive: Independently driven by (1) 800-HP Traction Motor 

7. Blowout Preventer (BOP) 

• Configuration: 

o (1) 13-5/8" 10,000-LB Shaffer Type Double Ram BOP 

o (1) 13-5/8" 10,000-LB Shaffer Type Single Ram 

o (1) 13-5/8" 5,000-LB Shaffer Type Annular 

• Accessories: 

o (1) 6-Station Accumulator (Consolidated Pressure, Model 6S-3SF60-25, API 16E) 

o 10,000-LB Flexible Choke Line 

o 4’ x 4’’ 10,000-LB Choke Manifold 

8. Mud Pumps 

• Manufacturer: BOMCO 

• Model: F-1600 Triplex Mud Pumps (x2) 

• Pressure Rating: 7500 PSI 

• Motors: EMD DC Traction Motors rated at 1600-HP 

Mud Pump Serial Numbers and Hours: 

o MP 1: Bomco 1600 

o MP 2: Serial Number N/A (Asset MP008), Hours/Rebuild 9173 

9. Mud System 

• Capacity: 848-Barrels Total Active Capacity 

• Components: 

o (2) Covered 424-Barrel Tanks with Electric Agitators 

o (1) Mud Processing Skid with Brandt Equipment (Shakers, Degasser, Desilter) 

o (1) Trip Tank Skid (106-Barrel Capacity) with Centrifugal Pump 

10. Top Drive 

• Manufacturer: Canrig 

• Model: 350-Ton AC (Model 350) 

• Serial Number: 454 

• Features: "ROCKIT" Capability 

11. Overhead String 

• Configuration: 400-Ton Six Sheave Block with a 12 Line String Up of 1-3/8’’ 

12. Driller Controls 

• Type: Drillers Cabin Skid 

• Features: Varco Electronic Driller and Block Control System, Block Speed Controls, Joystick Controlled Drawworks Speed, Touch Screen and Manual Control of EDRILL and SCR 

13. Walking System 

• Manufacturer: Orion 

• Type: Hydraulic Walking System 

• Components: HPU Skid and Trailer 

14. Auxiliary Equipment 

• Automatic Catwalk: Canrig, Model PO 3000-26-B-A-A-N-S, S/N 300368 

• Wireline Unit: Five Star Rig with 25,000’ of .092 Wireline 

• Motorized Drill Line Spool 

• Quarters: Toolpusher and Crew Quarters (Skidded, Furnished, Satellite System) 

• Meeting and Change House Combo Skid 

• Hydraulic Power Unit Skid with Centrifugal Pumps and Reservoir 

• Pipe and Kelly Spinner: Hydraulic (Hawk, Spinmaster, Model 550) 

• Fuel Tank: 12,000 Gallons, Double Wall, Skidded with Pumps 

• Water Tank Skid with Centrifugal Pumps 

• Hot Water Power Washer: N/A 

See DOCUMENTS section for Specification Sheet.


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ManufacturerIDM Equipment
Stock Number00535
• ManufacturerIDM Equipment
• ModelIDM DC-1500
• Type136’ Telescoping Mast
• Pressure Rating7500 PSI