2022 Geoprobe 8150LS Drill Rig

2022 Geoprobe 8150LS Drill Rig

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Geoprobe 8150LS Geothermal Drill Rig

Year of Manufacture: 2022

SN: 8150LS22102

ONLY Hours: 947


G5V Sonic Head

50K Head

The complete specification sheet is located in the DOCUMENTS section below.


Geoprobe Systems® offers both full-size and mid-size rotary sonic rigs with lots of built-in features and configurations for success in the field. The 8150LS is a full-size rotary sonic rig capable of running 10 foot tooling. It delivers big sonic power to advance large diameter tools to greater depths and gives you the control necessary to complete complex holes.


Continuous samples can be collected in multiple geologic formations, including consolidated materials, glacial till, and backfill rubble.


This rig features the Geoprobe® designed and manufactured GV5 sonic head. Our Engineers researched and tested sonic heads for nearly ten years before introducing the GV5 to the market. The 50,000 pound dynamic force has the power to advance up to 12-inch diameter tooling. And with 4,000 foot pounds at 90 rpm, the 2-speed rotation drive has the torque needed to maintain rotation in tight formations.


The GV5 sonic head includes a centerline side shift function which moves the head to the side so you can work inside the tool string without moving the mast or re-positioning the machine. This allows the driller to easily access the casing with the dual pivoting winch mast.


An optional coring head and auto drop hammer can be mounted onto the head carrier next to the sonic head. These items can be accessed independently at any time by side shifting over the tool string.


Every part of the rig is designed to maximize safety, efficiency and accuracy in order to help make your job successful. When utilizing the rod handler in conjunction with the indexing rack, a two man drill crew can effectively operate the machine.


The adjustable, swing arm control panel features an intuitive layout that allows the operator to perform multiple tasks effortlessly. Speeds, feeds, and pumps can be precisely dialed in with the electronic controls. The control panel swings freely from the rig and gives the driller the flexibility to help be in the position needed to help align a rod or to be at a comfortable distance away from a spinning drill string.


An integrated systems display on the control panel provides real-time monitoring of machine parameters and a suite of built-in diagnostic tools. The control panel features an operator presence bar and emergency stop for added safety. Also included are system safeguards that protect the main engine and hydraulic components when important operational parameters are compromised.


The optional rod handling system increases safety and productivity, while decreasing operator fatigue. This powerful system can safely handle large diameter, 5- and 10-ft rods and casings, minimizing heavy lifting and manual effort. Adjustable angles permit precise head alignment.


The drill mast is maneuverable to quickly and easily line up on the hole without moving the tracks. Not only does the drill mast move fore and aft relative to the track base, it also can be shifted left to right, up and down, and run at angles up to 45 degrees off of vertical.


This powerful rig was designed to be highly productive in the field by completing multiple applications in a single boring. The 8150LS works with large sonic 10 ft. tooling options, including 4x6, 6x8, and 8x10 sampling, Screen Point 60 groundwater sampling, and our exclusive 4.5 in. and 6.0 in. sonic dual tube and weighted wireline tooling systems.


Additional features and options for this rig include...front and rear outriggers for four point stabilization, 14 in. double wrench breakout, dual winch system, auto drop hammer for standard penetration testing, rod handling system, indexing rack for sonic casing, engine mounted air compressor, easy access to the engine compartment, wireless remote diagnostics for real-time systems monitoring by Geoprobe® Service and engineering, weight-on-bit control, multiple water pump options, the ability to fit the rig into a 40 ft. high cube shipping container to make mobilization between international projects simpler, and this rig is rock coring compatible.


Our goal is to produce the best possible drilling equipment and tools in the world, while providing the best Sonic service support in the drilling industry and comprehensive training to maximize your sonic investment.


Geoprobe® sonic owners are successful in producing more high value holes while retrieving more accurate subsurface data.


At Geoprobe®, we are committed to continuous Sonic product development and engineering to improve the field capabilities of our customers.


The 8150LS is a powerful, safe, efficient, and accurate full size rotary sonic rig. It has many highly productive features and configurations for success in the field. Two man drill crews can collect high quality samples and complete multiple applications in a single boring. The 8150LS is capable of working with tooling diameters of up to 12 inches and lengths of up to 10 feet. This rig is designed with your success in mind.

The complete specification sheet is located in the DOCUMENTS section below.

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Serial Number8150LS22102
Stock Number00433
Year of Manufacture2022