2021 Fraste MultiDrill XL 140

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2021 Fraste MultiDrill XL 140

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Fraste MultiDrill XL 140

Like New.

This system is good for geothermal drilling, water well and soil investigation.

The complete specification sheet is located in the DOCUMENTS section below.

Rig has 36 hours on it. (Remote Control Included)

Unit Runs nicely. comes with some consumables (heavy rod, odex converter, some casing, and a few other items.

Emission class: Tier 4 final

Fuel tank capacity: 170 litres.

Hydraulic system:

- 1 open loop piston pump (Delivery 150 lt/min @ 280 bar) in Load Sensing, for feeding of one proportional distributor with three elements;

- 1 open loop piston pump (Delivery 260 lt/min @ 260 bar) in Load Sensing, for feeding of one proportional distributor with ten elements; - 1 gear pump (Delivery 42 lt/min @ 220 bar) for service operations;

- 1 gear pump for oil cooling; - 10 micron absolute filtering system with filters on pressure and discharge lines and oil cooler.

- Oil tank capacity: 250 litres.

Adjustable control panel fixed on the drilling rig by an arm equipped with two hinges. This system allows a perfect view of the drilling area under any condition. It groups all the drilling rig controls, adjustment valves, pressure gauge and all diesel engine controls (tachometer and hour meter).

Mast dump: Hydraulic shifting device mounted on counter-slide for complete mast assembly vertical movement. Stroke : 600 mm (2').

Drilling mast for 3000 mm(10') drill pipes. Steel tubular structure with drawn steel lateral guides for rotary head carriage sliding.

Pull-down system with hydraulic cylinder and Fleyer chain. Feeding speed, pull-down pressure and bit load (floating system) are perfectly adjustable from the control panel.

Pull-up force: 10000 daN (22,471 lbs) Pull-down force: 6800 daN(15,280 lbs.) Stroke: 3700 mm(11.5')

Mast capacity: 10 ton.

Pull-up / Pull-down speed: 30 m/min.

Support/guide chain for flexible hoses between the rotary head and the drilling mast. Rotary head support trolley, with hydraulic aside shifting device to allow free passage of winch cable in the hole vertical.

R07D070 4-speeds rotary head: Steel construction with transmission gears and oil bath bearings. Driven by two hydraulic motors. Four-speeds selection by two mechanical gears and serial/parallel hydraulic motors connection from the control panel.

Inner dump shaft with spring shock absorber.

Air/mud injection swivel, internal passage 70 mm. 

Speeds and torques :

1st speed: 0 - 60 daNm-450 lbs. @ 0 - 1020 rpm

2nd speed: 0 - 120 daNm-875 lbs. @ 0 - 510 rpm

3rd speed: 0 - 300 daNm-2,200 lbs. @ 0 - 206 rpm

4th speed: 0 - 600 daNm -4,400 lbs.@ 0 - 103 rpm

Welding flange, mounted under the rotary head to set customer's thread

Double hydraulic cylinders for casing extraction

Pull up force 20000daN

Stroke 300 mm

Steel guide rollers with hydraulic cylinders, mounted over the clamp. Fitted with flow divider for a centered and simultaneous closing and pressure adjusting valve.

Double hydraulic clamp, 60 - 360 mm (2.4" to 13.75").

Clamping diameter from 60 to 360 mm for drill pipes and casing holding and break out. Both are fitted with flow divider for a centered and simultaneous clamping.

Adjustable clamping force from 0 to 14000 daN. Upper clamp mounted on thrust bearing, with rotation for the breaking with two hydraulic cylinders.

Breaking torque : 5400 daNm.

Steel chain crawler carrier.

Total width : 2000 mm- .

Belt width : 400 mm-16"

Undercarriage length : 2445 mm-8ft

Load capacity : 9000 daN

Double speed : 2 km/h – 4 km/h

Exceeding angle : 27°

Radio remote control complete with belt, control unit, power set and no. 2 batteries.

Rubber pads for steel chain crawler carrier. Hydraulic winch.

Single line pull : 2000 daN – 1st layer-4,500 lbs.

Speed : 55 m/min Supplied with 30 m cable diam. 10 mm with turning hook, weight and cable tensioner.

Wire line hydraulic winch.

Single line pull : 1000 daN – 1st layer-1,800 lbs 

The complete specification sheet is located in the DOCUMENTS section below.

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