2018 KWI Horizontal 3 Phase Separator

2018 KWI Horizontal 3 Phase Separator

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🔥 KWI Horizontal Heated 3 Phase Separator Tank

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How Separators Work

Separators are mechanical devices for removing and collecting liquids from natural gas. A properly designed separator will also provide for the release of entrained gases from the accumulated hydrocarbon liquids. A well production separator design is a primary-phase separation of the mostly liquid hydrocarbons from those that are mostly gas, refine the primary separation by removing most of the entrained liquid mist from the gas, separate the entrained gas from the accumulated liquid, and insure that no re-entrainment of one into the other takes place.

The KWI goal for ideal separator selection and design is to separate the well stream into liquid-free gas and gas-free liquid. Ideally, the gas and liquids reach some state of equilibrium at the existing conditions of pressure and temperature within the vessel. As it is generally not economically justifiable to separate to the state of true equilibrium, and KWI uses industry consensus standards as to liquid retention time for solution gas break-out and liquid carry-over in the gas have been set. The process equipment and conditions downstream of a separator will often dictate the necessary degree of separation.

KWI Advantage

With these functions are to be accomplished, KWI separators are carefully designed to control and dissipate the energy of the well stream as it enters separator; to insure that the gas and liquid flow rates are low enough so that gravity segregation and vapor-liquid equilibrium can occur; minimize turbulence in the gas section of the separator and reduce velocity; eliminate re-entrainment of the separated liquid into the gas; accumulate and control froths and foams in the vessel; provide outlets for gases and liquids with suitable controls to maintain pre-set operating pressure and liquid levels; provide relief for excessive pressure in case the gas or liquid outlets should become plugged or valves malfunction; provide equipment (pressure gauges, thermometers, and liquid-level gauge assemblies) to visually check the separator for proper operation; provide cleanout opening at points where solids will accumulate when solids are present in the inlet stream.

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ModelHorizontal 3 Phase Separator
Tank Dimensions72" Diameter x 20' Long
Weight20000 lbs
Max Allowable Working Pressure250 psi @ 180 Degrees F
Min Design Metal Temperature20 Degrees F @ 250 psi
Test Pressure325 psi